Breeding Coon Hounds – What is a whelping box?

A whelping box is a fancy word for a dog box that's sole purpose is to house the female coon hound while she gives birth to and nurses her puppies.
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Are Tracking Systems Important For My Coon Hounds?

When hunting coon hounds you will frequently find your hounds out of hearing distance. Occasionally this happens because they are chasing off-game like a deer. It might even turn out that one coon hound split trees away from the others or hunts in a separate way. Heck, you might even just pure get turned around and lost and not be able to find your truck. Well, this is why using tracking collars and tracking systems when coon hunting is so important.

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Coon Hounds History

Coon hounds are first and foremost a working dog, a trail and tree hound, capable of withstanding the rigors of weather and difficult terrain. Coon hounds have been used successfully for hunting game all over the world.
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Training Coonhounds To Load

When it comes to training coonhounds for hunting some coon hunters will often not take the time to teach their coon dog to load into the dog box correctly.
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Hunting Coon Hounds – Using a Coon Squaller

Rather you are hunting coon hounds in competition coon hunts or hunting for fun you will probably be using a coon squaller at some point during the night hunt
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Plott Coon Hounds

Plott Coon Hounds are the only breed of the original six breeds of coon hounds to not have British Influence in its ancestry. Most coon hounds can trace back to the fox hound, but the Plott Hound is the exception.
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Treeing Walker Coon Hounds

Treeing Walker Coon Hounds are extremely fast, agile, and tireless in the pursuit of game. They are extremely vocal with a distinctive bawl
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English Coon Hounds

The English Coon Hound was originally classified as the English Fox and Coon hound prior to the recognition of the six breeds of coon hounds. The recognition in the 1940s by the United Kennel Club of Bluetick coon hounds and Treeing Walker coon hounds as distinct breeds led to the narrowing down of the English Coon Hounds classification.

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