Hunting Coon Hounds – Using a Coon Squaller

Rather you are hunting coon hounds in competition coon hunts or hunting for fun you will probably be using a coon squaller at some point during the night hunt. However, some people never carry this important tool with them when coon hunting. I’m going to discuss a few reasons why you should start using a coon squaller every time you go coon hunting.

First, lets begin with talking about what a coon squaller actually is. A coon squaller is a small tool that uses a diaphragm to mimic the natural sound of a coon squall. There are many types of coon squallers made from various materials such as metal, wood, or a combination of the two.

Now, for those who don’t know; what is a coon squall? A squall is the sound a raccoon makes when it is in stressful situations. Normally, you will hear racoons making this sound when they are fighting with each other.

This is similar to a human hollering for help. So with this analogy in mind you can see how some coons react differently just like humans would. I have seen some raccoons come completely out of the tree either by leaping or running right down the trunk.

However, this is the exception to the rule but it can be very handy when trying to find a raccoon as they will often “look” and you will be able to see their eyes.

coon squaller can be very useful when competition coon hunting for the reasons I just stated. I have been able to finds lots of coons, especially during the summer by having them look at me after using a coon squaller.

This has helped me in several competition coon hunts. A raccoon may even come out of a hollow tree and this really helps find your coon and get some plus points during the winter hunting season when many coons are spending time in their hollow den trees.

Now you may be wondering how do I get the coon squaller to sound right? If you have used one before you know there can be a trick to it. This will depend on the coon squaller you purchase, as each brand is different.

Usually you will have to “hum” or “roll your tongue” in order to produce the right pitch. Some people are masters at coon squalling, while others really struggle with this. For those of you who can’t get a coon squaller to sound close enough to make the coons look don’t worry.

Technology has allowed us to be able to mimic this sound electronically. Many companies now make “electric” coon squallers. These allow you to simply push a button to get that real coon squall sound.

So the next time you are planning on hunting coon hounds, rather for competition or pleasure, be sure to take along the all-important coon squaller. If you can’t master the manual one’s then try an electric one and you’ll be sure to start seeing more coons and racking up more plus points.

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Coby Wright has over ten years experience in hunting, training and breeding coon hounds.
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